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Has your pet tried to dig a hole in the carpet?

Your cat uses your steps at scratchboards. Cat gets stuck in the closet, tries to claw their way out, and leaves a hole in the carpet. A dog cage with no bottom pan tries to dig its way out. These problems are more common than you think.

Picture of carpet after bleach spot repair

A permanent seamless repair.

Don't panic! We do these types of repairs all the time. Often we do them when no extra carpet is available. We remove the damaged carpet and then use a donor piece for the repair. If you have extra carpet left from the installation, we can use that. If you don't, we will take a small piece from a closet to replace the damaged area and bring a donor piece to replace what we used from the closet.

The Total Plan

Getting started is easy!

Step One

Carefully remove the damaged area of the carpet.

Step Two

Cut the donor piece to the correct size. The carpet is secured permanently using seam tape.

Step Three

Enjoy your blemish-free carpet.

What our clients have to say...

Carpet Repair

Matthew is a carpet surgeon and you get what you pay for at a great price, hire him for all of your carpet needs!!!!

Jay N.

Carpet Repair

Our cat had ripped up some of our carpet, and Total Cleaning Service was a lifesaver. They were in and out in under an hour, and now you can’t tell where the damages even were. Total Cleaning Service was also one of the best valued companies I was able to find! They were very responsive, and made sure that I had every question answered! Highly recommend!

Scotty O.

Carpet Repair

My carpet looks amazing! What an absolutely great experience all the way from getting a quote to wrapping up service today. The repair on my carpet makes it look like it was never there and my carpet is cleaner and more beautiful than it has been with any other cleaner. Highly recommend!

Dianna T.
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