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All rugs are Professionally cleaned and dried at our Rug cleaning facility.  We have 2-4 day turnarounds depending on what your rugs need.

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Handmade Rug Washing

100% Guaranteed Pet Urine And Odor Removal

Suppose you're looking for a solution to remove unpleasant smells from your rugs due to water damage, smoke, cigarette, pet odor, and other malodors. In that case, Total Cleaning Service in Springfield, VA, has got you covered. Our rug stain and odor area removal services are highly effective and 100% guaranteed.

Regular cleaning won't help you get rid of the smell of pet urine soaked into the rug. However, we use various techniques and methods to eliminate unpleasant odors and stains from your rugs. You can contact us for FREE, same-day phone and online estimates. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need our help!

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A few testimonials from clients that have used our Area Rug Cleaning Service.

5 star rating


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Matthew saved our flood-damaged area rugs (even though they were not of high quality). He made them fluffy and absolutely odor-free for a reasonable price, ultimately salvaging our house! Thank you!

Miki Y.

Area Rug Cleaning Service

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Rug looks beautiful, very easy to coordinate pick up and drop off. Thank you!

Candace H.

Area Rug Cleaning Service

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I had some pet accidents on my rugs. Matthew was confident he could remove all the pet odor so i let him take all 8 of my rugs. He returned all 8 rugs clean and odor-free. He even was able to provide new padding and put all my rugs back in place! Thank you Matthew!

Olivia B.

Area Rug Cleaning Service

The Total Advantage

The Benefits Of Rug Cleaning At Our Facility

The #1 benefit of having your carpets professionally cleaned is that it prolongs the carpet's life. Cleaning will protect your investment for many years to come. Many of our customers choose our Stay Beautiful Program, which includes carpet stain protector.

Carpet that looks clean and smells fresh

You don't have to live with the wrinkled carpet. With the proper tools, your carpet can be flat again.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carpet wrinkles can be dangerous. If you forget they are there, people, especially older people, could trip and fall.

Remove stains and odor

Sometimes, when people see the wrinkled, loose carpet, they think something is wrong with it and needs replacing. Professional carpet stretching can save thousands of dollars if the carpet shows no signs of wear.

The Rug Cleaning Journey begins!

Our Detailed Rug Cleaning Process

We don't steam-clean rugs. Our rug cleaning facility is located in Springfield, VA. We use proper chemistry, equipment, and rug cleaning knowledge to clean your rugs properly.


Your rug gets inspected for any pre-existing damage, stains, or odors. This information and a dye bleed test determine the best cleaning solutions for your rug. At this time, we will also suggest if any rug repairs are necessary.

Rug Dusting

Dust and dirt removal is the most critical step to preserving the life of a rug. Our rug dusting machine gently agitates the back of the area rug to remove the dust and dirt from deep inside the rug. Next, we vacuum the face side of the rug to remove any remaining dust and dirt.

Rug Washing

If your rug has any odor or stains, we treat these issues first. Next, we apply rug shampoo made for your type of rug and gently agitate it into the rug to release the dirt. If your rug has fringes, we use a special cleaner that removes any discoloration and brightens the fringes.

Rinse & Extraction

Your rug is then rolled up and placed in a specialized equipment called a rug centrifuge. All dirt and rug detergent are flushed from the rug until the water comes out clear. Afterward, the water is turned off, and the rug spins out any remaining water like a washing machine. The rug comes out 95% dry in just 3 minutes!

Step 5

Rug Drying

Our temperature-controlled drying room ensures no moisture remains inside the rug's foundation. Fast dry times so we can return your rug(s) to you more quickly. We hang that area rug on a drying rack and use industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

The End of the Rug Cleaning Journey

Your rug receives a final inspection to ensure it meets our high standards. If not, then it goes through the cleaning process again. If the rug is ready, it receives a final grooming to ensure the fibers are soft and the fringes combed(if applicable). Lastly, the rug is wrapped and ready to be delivered or picked up.

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