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The Process Of Pet Stain And Odor Removal

People often think carpet cleaning alone will remove pet stains and odors. Some cleaners will often spray deodorizer on the carpet to mask the odor, but after a few hours, the smell will return. The correct process is treating the odor and stain first, then cleaning the entire carpet. Depending on how long the stain has been there and how severe it is, two products may be used to treat the odor and stain.

Light Pet Odor

By light pet odor, I mean situations with more pet dander or wet dog-type smell than pet urine issues. We apply a product designed to break up these odor-causing bacteria. This step usually takes around 30 mins, and we agitate the carpet fibers. The last step is to extract all the dirt and odor-causing bacteria, leaving you with a nice, fresh carpet.

Moderate Pet Stains And Odor

By Moderate pet stains and odor, I mean situations where the cat or dog had an accident on the carpet, and you smell a strong urine smell. We apply a product designed to neutralize the urine and odor so we can extract it using our carpet cleaning machine. Depending on the severity, we may treat each spot multiple times until the water comes out clear. After we treat all the spots, we clean the carpet using our normal process

Severe Pet Stains And odor

By Severe pet stains and odor, I  mean there are stains all over the carpet, and the odor knocks you down when you open the door. In these cases, attempting to clean the carpet is a losing battle. We must remove the existing carpet and padding to inspect the subfloor. After the subfloor is treated, we can install new padding and carpet. We have many styles and colors of in-stock carpets to choose from so you can get your home back to normal.

Results: Job Example

Pet Stain and Odor Removal: Basement

picture of pet urine stain and odor before treatment

Pet Stain And  Odor

This customer called after he attempted to clean it twice using a carpet cleaner you can buy from the store. I also saw a few bottles of Resolve in the closet. The issue was there was a cat litter box in the closet. I assume the door got closed, and the cat just went outside the door, creating the spot in the picture.

picture of pet urine stain and odor during treatment

Treatment In Progress

Most of the odor in the basement was from this area near the steps and closet, so we treated this area and let it dwell for 30 minutes. You can see the treatment breaking down the odor and the stain from the picture. We extracted the area and applied a second application to ensure all the odor was removed. We then cleaned the carpet using our normal process.

picture of pet urine and odor removed

After Carpet Cleaning

The results are stain and odor-free carpet. The carpet takes 4-6 hours to dry.

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