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carpet frayed from cat scratching a hole in the carpet
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The benefits of Carpet Repair

If you have damaged carpet in your home, don't worry! Carpet repair services can help you bring them back to life. You no longer have to live with slime, wax stains, burns, or rips. Instead of immediately considering a highly-priced replacement, let Total Cleaning Service take a look. You've invested in making your home beautiful, so it's essential to insist on high-quality services. Make sure to choose experienced and authorized carpet repair specialists in carpet restoration.

Seamless, permanent repair.

We have different tools and techniques to blend the new carpet patch with the existing carpet.

Save money over replacement.

If your carpet is in good shape besides a few damaged areas, carpet repair is an excellent cost-saving option.

No extra carpet, no problem.

We keep a wide range of carpets if the extra carpet isn't available for the repair.

Results: Job Example

Carpet Repair: Slime Removal

slime stain on Berber carpet

Slime removal

A realtor had contacted us to clean the carpets at one of their properties. On inspection, we found a few slime spots on the carpet. Although we can usually remove the slime, sometimes the affected area needs to be patched.

damaged carpet cut away with carpet seam tape in place for repair

Carpet patch in progress

We cut away the damaged carpet section and inserted our seam tape, which forms a permanent bond when heated.

picture of carpet after carpet patch repair

carpet Repair done!

The result is a seamless repair that can be walked on immediately after completion.

What they say about us

A few testimonials from clients that have used our carpet repair service.

5 star rating


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Our cat had ripped up some of our carpet, and Total Cleaning Service was a lifesaver. They were in and out in under an hour, and now you can’t tell where the damages even were. Total Cleaning Service was also one of the best valued companies I was able to find! They were very responsive, and made sure that I had every question answered! Highly recommend!

Scotty O.

Carpet repair service

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Matthew is a carpet surgeon and you get what you pay for at a great price, hire him for all of your carpet needs!!!!

Jay N.

Carpet repair service

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My carpet looks amazing! What an absolutely great experience all the way from getting a quote to wrapping up service today. The repair on my carpet makes it look like it was never there and my carpet is cleaner and more beautiful than it has been with any other cleaner. Highly recommend!

Dianna T.

Carpet repair service

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