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You don't have to live with the sea of carpet ripples. Total Cleaning Service uses a power stretcher to repair your loose, wrinkled carpet. We are so confident in our carpet stretching service that we provide a 3-year wrinkle-free guarantee. If the carpet wrinkles again within three years of our service, we will return and re-stretch the carpet for free.

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The Total Advantage

The benefits of Carpet Stretching

The most significant advantage to working with Total Cleaning Service versus our competitors is that we always use a power stretcher. A power stretcher allows us to get the carpet to the proper tightness. Many companies cut corners and use a small knee kicker that doesn't tighten the carpet enough.

Improve Appearance

You don't have to live with the wrinkled carpet. With the proper tools, your carpet can be flat again.

No more trip hazards

Carpet wrinkles can be dangerous. If you forget they are there, people, especially older people, could trip and fall.

Save Money

Sometimes, when people see the wrinkled, loose carpet, they think something is wrong with it and needs replacing. Professional carpet stretching can save thousands of dollars if the carpet shows no signs of wear.

Signs that your carpet was installed incorrectly

Noticeable wrinkles and ripples
Bubble of carpet when you drag furniture
Lump near the baseboards where the carpet isn't attaches to the tack strip.
Broken seams
Results: Job Example

Carpet Stretching: Primary Bedroom

picture of wrinkled carpet in the primary bedroom before carpet stretching

Wrinkles Wrinkles Wrinkles

This carpet had wrinkles everywhere. My client had been tripping over these wrinkles for years. She hesitated to get it done because there were years of stuff in the room and some heavy furniture. Our furniture slides easily move the furniture so that we can complete the stretching.

picture of carpet stretching in primary bedroom after carpet stretching

Smooth Flat Carpet

And the result is a nice flat carpet. No more trip hazards! When the carpet has been wrinkled for a long time, sometimes the lines remain after the stretching. They will gradually fade over time as it's walked on and vacuumed.

After Carpet Cleaning
picture of carpet in primary bedroom after carpet stretching and carpet cleaning

After Carpet Cleaning

Many clients combine our carpet stretching service with our carpet cleaning service. The carpet gets distorted from being wrinkled for a long time, and dirt gets trapped there, making the line noticeable after stretching. Carpet cleaning will remove the dirt and help the fibers blend in with the rest of the carpet.

What they say about us

A few testimonials from clients that have used our Carpet Stretching Service.

5 star rating


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I contacted Total Cleaning Service (TCS) on behalf of my parents. They had carpet installed in their home a little over a year ago which was not installed properly. It was puckering and wrinkled and my parents (mom especially) was so disgusted. Mr. Matthew was very professional, showed concern and knowledge when I spoke with him to arrange the date and time for the repair. He was punctual and made my parents comfortable in that he knew what he was doing. Halfway through the job, my mom called me so excited that the carpet was looking so much better. She was very pleased and even told me that she gave him a hug when he was done. I am so glad I contacted this company and will use them any future carpet needs!

Regina W.

Carpet stretching service

Quotation mark

Mr. Tyson was on time, professional, and did a great job repairing our carpet after the builders did a horrible job installing it. Thank you! We will definitely be using him again for our flooring needs!

Jessica G.

Carpet stretching service

Quotation mark

Matthew worked magic on our carpets as we prepare our house for sale. Everything looks brand new, and we had some pretty serious carpet buckling and a few major spilled bleach spots. Meticulous attention to detail. Definitely will look forward to working with Matthew again!

Marcus S.

Carpet stretching service

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