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Restore your wood floors to their natural beauty. Our wood floor cleaning service will deep clean your floors, remove wax build-up, and fix minor scratches.

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The Benefits Of Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Having hardwood floors in your home is a beautiful addition and could add value to your property. However, it's crucial to take good care of them so that they can last a lifetime. One of the best ways to maintain their beauty and shine is by deep cleaning them every 6 to 12 months. Doing it during the fall, after the wear and tear of summer, is an excellent time.

It's essential to remember that cleaning your hardwood floors with the right method is crucial as using the wrong technique could damage them, leading to long-term problems. Therefore, it's recommended to have your hardwood floors professionally cleaned to keep them in good condition and avoid any potential damage.

Maintenance Costs Less Than Repair

Regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars versus refinishing or replacement.

Hide Minor Scratches

Our process can effectively hide minor surface scratches, but not deep scratches that penetrate the wood layer.

Extend The Life Of Your Floors

Proper maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of floors. However, using incorrect products and allowing dirt buildup can cause permanent damage or discoloration.

Results: Job Example

Wood Floor Cleaning: Condo

wood floor before cleaning with wax builup

Pet Stain And  Odor

The customer intended to clean the floors before moving in, but the previous owner used a quick shine product, which only attracted dirt and made the floors look dull and dirty. The dark areas on the floor are not shadows but are caused by excess wax buildup. The areas that appear clean are where rugs have been placed.

wood floor wax removal in progress showing big clumps of old wax

Treatment In Progress

We fixed the issue by applying a cleaner to reactivate the wax and remove the layers of Quick Shine. Quick Shine acts like a layer of glue that attracts dirt and makes the floor look darker over time. As you can see from the picture, it peels off in chunks. After the wax was removed, the floor was cleaned and neutralized using our wood floor auto scrubber.

clean wax free floor cleaned by Total Cleaning Service

After the wood floor Cleaning

After the job was done, the floors were left clean, smooth, and residue-free. My customer was extremely pleased with the final result. She had contacted another company before calling me, who told her that the wax on the floors couldn't be removed and that all the floors would need to be replaced. However, the job was completed within six hours, covering two hallways, the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom.

What they say about us

A few testimonials from clients that have used our Wood Floor Cleaning Service.

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Excellent service. Absolutely satisfied. He goes out of the way to satisfy the customer. Very cooperative and professionally sound. He came earlier to check whether the job can be done. My hard wood floor looks new. Others were asking huge some of money with 4 to 6 days. He did it in a reasonable price in about 5 hours. Helped to move the furniture to gain space. I would hire him again when needed. Thank.

Saeed A.

Wood Floor Cleaning Service

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Matthew was great! He was very responsive and able to clean the flooring throughout my entire home quickly. He provided expert guidance on cleaning, maintenance, and repair options for my for my hardwood floor. I look forward to working with Matthew again in the future.

Kwakou B.

Wood Floor Cleaning Service

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Matthew did an incredible job cleaning a wood floor from a previous owner which had 16 years of wax buildup. His price was fair, he was very professional, courteous, responsible, and hard-working. My floor looks incredible. Highly recommend!

Suzanne G.

Wood Floor Cleaning Service

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