Pet Hair Removal: What's hiding in your carpet?

A customer contacted me, concerned about the pet odor in the property he was getting ready to rent out. Although it wasn't a strong smell, it was more of a lingering dog dander smell. So, we scheduled a carpet cleaning date after the property was empty.

However, another company performed a "deep cleaning" the day before I arrived. Even though the carpet should have been vacuumed, I always give the carpet a thorough vacuum. To my surprise, I filled an entire vacuum canister from just three bedrooms and a hallway. The dog hair was causing most of the odor, and if it wasn't removed first, the carpet would still smell after cleaning.

It's essential to vacuum the edges around the room's perimeter, which many companies often skip. We make sure to do it, and we often find that 1/4- 1/2 a canister of hair and debris is hiding by the baseboard. This step is especially crucial when dealing with pet odor.

Once we finished vacuuming, we applied a pet enzyme treatment to the carpet and agitated it with our CRB(Counter-Rotating-Brushes). Even during this step, the CRB still pulled more hair deep into the carpet. Removing all the hair from the carpet also helps those with pet hair allergies.

Finally, we applied our carpet cleaning pre-spray and agitated again to remove everything we could. This process might take a while, but the results always turn out great. The final step involved extracting all dirt and odor from the carpet using a no-residue rinse, leaving it soft and clean.

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